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Do you have a bunch of materials at home and you just don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you are worried about making a mistake, wasting materials… OR you are new to art and just need someone to show you HOW. The 1-day mixed media workshops are for you if you want to spend a day immersed in learning how to use “mixed media” in your creative projects. There is no set requirements, its great for beginners and just as great for intermediate artists who are stuck in their own medium and need to break out of the rut.

In this workshop, we run through a bunch of materials and how to use them in two unique projects. One which is with a set idea in mind (beach scene working from a photo) and the other is more intuitive and we let go of any set ideas and see what evolves. We will play with paint, inks, pencils in drawing, painting on paper, wood, & canvas board to give you a good tasting and allow you have more confidence when you tackle these projects on your own.

Sat 12th January 2019

at: Ettalong Beach Arts & Crafts centre
$160- inc GST

 Limited to 4 per class to have lots of room to move & explore!!  More info on what is covered here>

What others have said about my workshops…

I was really impressed by Belinda – the teaching, presentation, resources and general ‘flow’ of the workshop was very inspiring. Belinda was very generous in sharing her knowledge and personal journal with colour pencils, she is a gifted and talented teacher and I look forward to another workshop. – Feb 2015

I enjoyed the whole process, even though I have been using colour pencils for a little while I found the tips and tricks great. – March 2015

The chance to explore different pencils and techniques and mediums. i have already told several of my artist friends how much I have learnt from your workshops even more than from members of the Botanical Art Societies in Australia and England. I also love your willingness to be so accessible personally and through your website. that is a rare privilege and delight. Thankyou, Belinda

Yes i would recommend it. I was an absolute beginner and found new concepts were explained simply and with immediately hands on application so that the new idea was not overwhelmed in theory but practised and tried straight away. This helped Belinda add on more variables and develop an overall approach to coloring and how we might find our preferences and strengths and go home willing to continue trying.

Workshop 2017

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