This year, I have chosen NOT to discount my online class…

There are a few reasons for this, why I feel the need to jump on my blog to broadcast it, I don’t really know – but I feel like I need to explain for those who may not pay the $55- for the “full class” as they are not getting a discount.

To start with, Let me start by saying… I “get” that taking a class online is different than in real life, I have bought so many online classes myself, some I have finished many I have not.
It takes dedication and commitment to take a class to finish yourself. Life gets in the way, and before you know it is hard work to get back into where you left off.

As well as that MY online classes are about techniques. Many of these fundamental techniques are often not taught but tutors or other online classes, cause let’s face it techniques are a bit boring, well they may not be but they sound it! Also, it feels a bit more attractive to come out the end of a class with a pretty picture rather than a skill!

I believe that techniques are empowering, everyone is going to want to make different art, you can model a style by another artist, but you will evitably will and want to put your own spin on it.

I can take you through a set picture, I can tell you which pencils or paints to use, i can give you the outlined drawing, and I can walk you step by step into creating a lovely set picture. You will walk away with a lovely piece which looks somewhat like mine, but then what? Where does that leave you? How, will you create your next piece, I am not standing next to you right now and if i want my next pretty picture might not be something you wish to create – so this why I believe that the fundamentals the techniques are a far better way to teach you to create. Sure, it might be harder, it might be boring at times but once you put that work in, you will be better placed to create your own thing after 🙂

The fee to attend my real-life coloured pencil class is over $100- for a full day’s work. I take you right through the process on the day and at the end, we generally don’t get much time to work on an actual piece, its all the fundamentals. I have extended this class over 2 days before where we get more time, even though we all walk away with information overload and still don’t really get to finish things completely as you are practicing your newly learned  “skills” not a set artwork.  This online class, is modelled with all of the same information from these class and sessions which i have taught to 100’s of people. The time it took to compile it into an online format took many many hours. Many people who couldn’t attend my classes in real life would ask me about how i could come to teach them, unfortunately, I can’t go many places due to family commitments at the moment so my online class was the alternative.

So there is a bunch of other things I could put in here but for now, I will just say I have already heavily discounted this class, it also includes access to a private facebook group so you can ask questions and get support along the way, the value of this is much more than the price but I want to keep it affordable to people who want to learn that’s been important to me. So with that my online class is not discounted.

If you are interested to find out more please take the FREE class which has the first few lessons free so you can get a feel for it 🙂 I hope to see you in the class.You can join that here – Techniques Tutor