Get back to sanity with this FREE Printable Weekly Schedule for 4 people

This template comes from trying to keep track of my teenager’s work schedule as well as my own which can change daily at the drop of a hat. Sometimes these shifts are late at night and impact our mealtimes as to “who is home” and when people need lifts.

So with that and I wanted to find a simple schedule that can be placed on the fridge and written on week to week to keep track of who is working when.

I couldn’t find one so I created one! Here it is for you!

This one has 4 areas for names that you can write your own names in and the work schedules in the coloured boxes (i found this works for an incentive to actually FILL it in) You could download and laminate and write on with a whiteboard marker or you can print out each week and get everyone to write each week what they have on.

This one prints on A4 paper (PDF File – 800K) and is FREE if you would like your own version of this one customised let me know I can do some up in my shop.