Earlier this term in the Mixed Media class we did this beach scene which is photo I took at Wamberal Beach.

I chose this photo as it had a number of elements that I felt would be good to try to create in mixed media.  This included the smooth sky,  distant water which would  require smooth brush strokes and glazes with paint.  The textured surf and water breaking on the sand as well as the sand itself  meant that we could use a rough sanded medium, basically I wanted to get everyone the practice of working with all these different techniques to see for themselves which ones they really like to work with. Having them all in the same artwork means that you are forced to consciously shift from one practice to another as you are utilizing these textures to your advantage.

These photo shows how we used a technique to put some of our texture down before we paint, ie. with the sanded grainy texture as well as a rough texture for the whitewash of the waves.

As you can see everyone did a great job and still yet everyone’s is different, some of these were yest to be finished but it was a great stepping stone to playing with texture in our artworks.

Mixed Media Art Class with Belinda