Virtual Art Mentor /  Class with Belinda

I have been teaching art to adults and students in real-life for many years. I love being able to work with people to help them find their own creative path wherever that may take them.

I myself have found art to be such a healing and rewarding journey and connecting with other people during its course is a big part of that.

My art experience and skills cover traditional forms of art, drawing, painting with traditional materials and expands into mixed media, collage, geli printing & digital forms of illustration & design. 


Current circumstances in our community (not just the Virus but also just our busy lives & other commitments) mean that it’s harder to connect in groups to attend things we want to do. It gets hard and before we know it we can forget to have time for ourselves and fit in our “me time”.

All the great technology available to us these days means we can still connect to others from the comfort of our own homes and given many of us are still pressed for time, I am suggesting options below that i feel will work for “just enough time to connect” but not too much time that you will procrastinate and I hope regularly enough so that we are accountable and I am here to support you along the way :).


My Virtual Art Tutoring packages are for people who would like their own personal art class/tutor in a live online session at an agreed time just as we would if we met at a classroom.  All we do is agree on a time and package that works for you, I will send you a link before each session and away we go.
(Please down the >Zoom Ap to your phone or computer we can do it from either).

The sessions are completely tailored to you if you are having a 1 on1 class with me OR if you are in a group class we will set a topic that you have an option for signing up for.
Depending on what you want out of your session you may have tasks exercises to do, resources checkout or you may just go away and work on your project and we can check back in a week or two and see where you’re up to. I can offer guidance, suggestions – you can even “work” on the call so I can see what you are doing, how you hold your brush or your paper and materials or I can show you a demonstration via my studio and you can look over my shoulder. The scope is really up to you.

Before our first session, please book a 1 on 1 Complimentary INTRO session (15mins),  just so we can make sure the technology/system can work for you and I can ask a few questions about what you would like to get out of your sessions and what resources and materials you already have now so that we can get started.  This way I will come up with a plan for you and when we start our first session I can have materials, exercises and references ready. 

Some of the areas we can cover are:

  • Help with special projects how to get started, ways to attack a project or areas you are stuck in, how to fix areas in the scope of a drawing or painting.
  • Blockages or problems in your creative process – we can chat about that stuff and have strategies for moving forward
  • How to use specific are materials such as Acrylics, Watercolours, Mixed Media or genres such as Art Journalling. I can show you, set exercises you can go and do them and see how you went next session.
  • Specific tutorials & demos on Drawing and Painting like for example: How to draw/paint faces, flowers, we can discuss what you would like to learn ahead of time.
  • Digital Art Process including how to use Professional Software programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop great for Uni Students and Highschool Students who need some further help in this area.
  • We will also inevitably cover things like creativity mindset, creativity practice and if you are wishing to take your art to the next level i can help you with that in terms of marketing etc. 

What you will receive depends on the option you chose but think of me as your support person and accountability buddy in your creative adventure, when we next meet we can check in with what you have been up to, issues that have come up and see where you want to go next.

1 on 1 Virtual Art sessions with Belinda – Details

Please see the terms & conditions for this offer below. 

  • Included in this package is a 15min intro session to answer questions and check technology is work and you are comfortable working together. (Please book this first)
  • Depending on your needs, we will work out a plan to cover in our sessions together and you can choose a plan and a time that works for both of us. You will get access to resources I will send you during our session and a brief summary after each session what we have covered.
  • 1 on 1 clients  – You also have access** to me via FB messenger or email for our time working together | Group sessions will have a private FB Chat area or email privately – this is so that you can send me questions or let me know if you are stuck and I can help you between sessions.

All sessions listed below are redeemable for a set time period from the time of booking.
The reason this is limited to time is so that we can make sure you are not allowing your creativity to get lost in your life if we want to work together its great to check in regularly so that you can actually do some creativity in PRACTICE and help along the way.
You can book at any of the available timeslots or book your next session at your current session. Bookings are done online and are your responsibility to meet at our allotted time.

Upon booking a calendar will be sent to make your booking, times vary but in general are: Tuesdays (Day), Thurs & Fri (afternoons), Saturdays. Subject to availability, please contact me should you require more info on times.

Trying to keep this affordable at these times I am offering 2 payment options, in FULL & split into 2 payments billed monthly.

All sessions are on an application called Zoom Conferencing (Download the >Zoom Ap to your phone or computer) & can be recorded for your reference after.


Package 1 - Fortnightly

This package is best to be used Fortnightly for 6 weeks (as a guide only) Can be booked anytime over 6 week period
Includes: 15min intro session, summary after each session, contact with Belinda via messenger / email & your selection of the below:
3 X 30 min sessions
2 X 45min sessions
Access to Belinda via email or FB messenger in-between session times.
Follow up 10min session a 7-14 days after last session to see how you are going.
Payment option 1: Pay in Full

$120- inc GST
Book Your Session
Payment option 2: Two payments

*2 X $60- inc GST
Book Your Session

*billed Monthly
Package 2 - Weekly

This package is best to be used Fortnightly for 8 weeks (as a guide only)
Can be booked anytime over 8 week period
Includes: 15min intro session, summary after each session & your selection of the below:
6 X 30 min sessions
4 X 45 min sessions
3 X 60min sessions
Access to Belinda via email or FB messenger in-between session times.
Follow up BONUS 20min session a 7-14 days after last session to see how you are going.
Payment option 1: Pay in Full

$240- inc GST
Book Your Session
Payment option 2: Two payments

*2 X $120- inc GST
Book Your Session

*Billed monthly

Virtual Group Classes

Limit 4 people

Even though it can be slightly scary,  group classes are really great as you can gain so much from sharing with a small group of like-minded people and often will gain so much knowledge and learning from each other. These group classes will be mini sessions and will be kept small so that everyone in the group will get an equal amount of time to share in the group and will help each other.

I have not set group classes yet, suggestions are: 

  • How to draw a face
  • Getting started with Mixed Media
  • Art Journalling

Suggestions for times would be a minimum 45min session and times would be Tuesdays (day), Friday (early afternoon), or Saturday (day). If you have further suggestions or are interested please contact me with day/time/ session.

Classes for Highschool & Uni Students  

Prices and details are the same for students as they are for the adults at this point in time. Written Parental permission is required if child is under 18.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What happens if I miss a session?

In general, if you miss a session just like an art class you will miss the class (as I will be waiting on the call and I can’t get my time back either 🙂 . You will be able to reschedule your session if you give me 48hours notice through the calendar system. Should you have special unforeseen circumstances I will review these upon my discretion.

What materials will I need?

We can discuss this in our intro call, it will really depend on what you want to cover as to materials. In general, I encourage the use of materials you already have wherever possible.

What if I haven’t done any art in a long time? / I don’t know where to start?

That is the best place to start! In our intro we can have a chat about some places you can start and you can see what interests you. There are no pre-requisites other that you are open to exploring new things and seeing where it takes you.

 > Any other questions please just ask. 

Terms and Conditions of this offer

* Please note in a group class there will be guidelines you must agree to protect the privacy and the considerations of all members in your class.
* Access for highschool or Uni students under 18 will require parental permission.
* All sessions will be paid for upfront, Sessions are not refundable, any unused sessions in the allotted time are expired unless special unforeseen circumstances arise – chat with me should this occur.
* It is your responsibility to book in your sessions within your timeframe.
** Note my availability this is limited to certain days and times –  I will respond within 48hours in between 9am & 7pm weekdays & weekends at my own discretion.