Today i am sharing my artistic innards.

Not everyday can you create something great. We’ve all seen  those time lapsed art videos and watch fantastically talented people work super fast and super well seemingly not making any mistakes create a beautiful work in just a few moments and we wonder .. my gosh,  I will never become that good….

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The problem is, We don’t see all the failures, all the mistakes and the 100’s of “wrong pictures” they had to create  before they got to the right one. When I am creating art i find that quite often I find i get in my way, i have a set idea or purpose to “use my time” and forget to let the creativity flow. It’s a conscious and difficult decision time that i have make myself  release my expectations and just go with flow.

Today was one of those days , I actually wanted to paint flowers today..for an illustration project, it is a set project and I was ready I had the watercolours out and everything.. I kept procrastinating, jumping from one thing to another it took my 30mins just to get out 2 pieces of paper and a bowl of water! Something kept telling me to paint a face!  It just kept coming to the forefront of my mind.

When something keeps nagging at you give in to it!

wednesday-web-01Ok, let me just paint a face  then i thought! Right NEXT…  I picked up a nice blank white canvas to start, but next to it was this bit of wood with an old abstract work on. I love working on recycled materials and canvases!  I stood there with both in my hand, but i wanted something nice and clean not grungey… it was feeling that just kept saying Belinda! go with the wood! Don’t pick the white.

Ok ok. I thought, I don’t know why but this is what i must do today! Let go and just go with this today!!

It takes alot of time to “get this”

Learning to embrace the creative flow can be hard, but its something that takes practice and as you can read its something i am still learning to do!

When I hold workshops I find that some people can come in and want to learn by the end of the lesson how to create great art. They expect the “speeded video version” and want to come out the other end whats worst than that though they  are disappointed in themselves when it doesn’t come out that way. This can lead to people giving up art or creativity all together!!  – if you have found yourself doing this STOP!

Practice, Practice, Practice

I often get people saying to me .. “Wow your so talented” and i say back – Well thankyou but really its mostly practice you can do this too!!

They give me strange looks .. and i think they think i am being modest or something but REALLY, but you can do this too!! …

This post is for those who feel like they are not “very good” or “I can’t do that” – to that I say, put those thoughts aside as its just not true!!  Embrace your practice art time and go with your feelings if you have them like i did today! I bet if i had not listened and painted flowers today i probably would have been frustrated with my efforts. It would have resulted in most likely a cranky mood and feeling like a failure.. Do you think i am a failure??

If your frustrated at the end of a creative session (just like i was last week) know that this session is just one of those 100 “wrong pictures”  that you need to do before you get to the one you like! The next one you like maybe the next one you do or the one after.. who knows but you won’t see it unless you try!!

[bctt tweet=”The next one you like maybe the next one you do or the one after.. who knows but you won’t see it unless you try!! #artisticflow” username=”creativehardt”]

Go with your flow!!