Sharing this post from my socials feed. 

I am always a bit wary of posting this kind of thing, cause you know who really wants to know all that?  However, every time I do I always get a flood of messages so I am sharing here incase socials aren’t your thing. 

For those who are the “woo woo” skeptics let me share. 🤗

This year… I wasn’t new to this prayer. It had crossed my path a few times. Said it. Yeah yeah 🙄

This year… I have been on a big healing and completion journey one that’s been going for quite some time but this year many things shifted. Won’t share all the details here but if you want to know more happy to share personally. 😏

As this progressed I knew I needed to heal past stuff so I decided why not to give this a proper go it really wasn’t such a big deal. So I sat in front of the mirror looked at myself and said these words. The emotions rose the tears flowed. The next day I did it again and the same thing happened. I didn’t know why I didn’t really want to analyse it to much I just know they came which told me there was something there that needed to be said and done by me, else why was I getting upset? So, No more pushing away or hiding so let’s just be there with myself like I would a child. . So I wrote it on my mirror in paint marker so it was unavoidable and did it most days. Eventually, the emotions shifted from hurt to that of love and gratitude, smiling on my face and joy in my heart (even if it was just for a moment).

Life got busy and I did lots of other inner work this year but this one was a simple task that pushed me along. As I moved house the mirror went and I haven’t been back to this practice. In my end-of-year reflections, I had a few darker moments this year and in reflection of the better things I did, I remembered these moments and the other morning i received the inspiration to create this little painting just to remind myself of it again and have it somewhere maybe not for everyday but for a regular reminder when it’s needed (and sometimes it really is).

If you can look in the mirror say it and not stir anything in you that is awesome 🤗🤗 If you do it and it does stir something (even if it’s you saying this is silly or stupid) then possibly there is something to heal, explore there. Look up the Ho’oponopono prayer. #justsaying

Sending love out to the end of 2022 and to all of you. Welcoming in 2023 with another year on Earth where I get to be here in all the ways with you