IMG_20140502_101022This is one of those times.

Sharing a few personal things today,

I have been continuing my journey of life these past 6-8 months, I have had lots of big life stuff going majority of it are health related or rather my health has affected the rest of the “stuff” because my hashimotos & recovering from an operation and moving house has really taken its toll.

There has also been lots of positive things also some major stuff which is awesome (you will see the results of that coming soon) but…

I experience on a daily basis exhaustion, overwhelm which has meant that EVERY other  thing that is required  is compiled to be lots of more exhaustion & overwhelm and the realisation I cannot continue and I have to heal and give my body which is screaming out to me to allow it to do so.

Art as therapy and self expression is something I strongly believe in. I have experienced myself so many times over the years, sometimes I forget the lesson, then i remember,  i can go from feeling so crappy to feeling wonderful but just drawing it out. It doesn’t matter what it comes out as, it doesn’t matter if its well executed, technically correct, or any of those limitations that we place on ourselves, it just gets out what is in your head onto the paper and makes you feel better.
The PRACTICE of this is is a vital part of what I teach in my classes and more personally as a tool I encourage for my children which I hope will help them to release the joys and the perils of life itself.

So I share this today, just to to show you for what this is a journey, a practice, a release on my own personal journey – it was something that i just needed to get out, it is not judged it  JUST IS WHAT IT IS, and so it goes back into the sketch book and i can move on with peace to the rest of my day.