This term in mixed media class at the Gosford Regional Gallery, we have been experimenting with combining all different types of art materials and how to combine these together in different ways.


For the first half of this term I provided lesson examples and demo each week so that everyone can have a go at a set criteria of techniques via references (i will post some more photos of what we did in these weeks soon.).  Now as we are nearing the end of the term,  everyone is encouraged to take the experiences that have covered and create an artwork in their own way with some of the techniques that resonated the most with them.

They have the option of doing this to their own subject matter or follow along with me in a provided example (some people prefer to have this). So for this one I decided to do a floral work of Poppies . We hadn’t done a floral to to date and i felt that these types of flowers  lend themselves to using lots of impasto, collage, and various painting and mixed media to produce an interesting loose and textured result.

Again as i always say, its not just about the final artwork ofcourse! It is all the underlying things that go along with this exercise like how to work through the various stages of the artwork creation from planning, starting, working out what technique to use, through to middle stage where we are still in the flow of creating a work but we want to  refining what we have done so far and take it further into the next stage, included in that are what happens if it not working out how you like etc so basically how you can move through the various stages (no matter what your subject) through to finalising the details.


Poppies - Mixed Media on Canvas - Belinda Lindhardt

Here are some stages of my demo for the class, can’t wait to get to the finalising stages of these, we are about midway through so far, waiting to do this in class so that everyone can see how I do this as I go.