Recently, I was so delighted to be interviewed by Melissa Llarena  on her podcast.

We had a lovely chat about creating and all the things that can sometimes get in your way – if you let it 🙂 It was so refreshing and exciting for me to have a good chat with someone who really gets and appreciates the qualities of being a mum and also just a woman who has alot on her plate as many of us do and how its a very common thing for us womanly beings to let our own creativity and your own things slide away but they are the things that we probably should be doing most, I know it is a constant battle I have going on.

Here is what Melissa wrote about the interview

Belinda Lindhardt provides valuable insights and productivity hacks fit for a creative mom who is busy or overwhelmed yet still appreciates her art as a tool to give herself downtime and help reconnect with herself. 

In this conversation, Belinda shares what it takes to continue and persist and work on your passion projects or even your creative business, no matter where you are in your life, whether you’re a single mom, or a mom taking care of a lot of unpredictable people. This concept is applicable whether you wish to maintain a hobby or you want to commercialize it and turn it into a “jobby.”

Melissa does fabulous work of an overview of the conversation and is able to pull out some wonderful bits and pieces of our discussion. Please head on over to the website via the link below to read and listen and follow Melissa.

Please also follow her on her socials to catch some other juicy inteviews I have very much enjoyed listening to 🙂

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Listen to the Podcast Episode here