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Hey… I am Belinda.

Belinda Lindhardt - Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Australian Artist - Central Coast NSW

I love to create, to experiment and try new techniques, mediums & materials. I am always curious and open to the possibilities with my art. It’s exciting to let my creativity be my guide and see what emerges on the other side.

Art requires an element of trust, bravery, and freedom. These things come from within. I’ve been creating art all my life, but it has taken many years to develop as an artist and happily embrace the process and practice.

Expressing myself through art and being able to share and connect with others sparks a fire within me. It’s what drives me to continue to create.


Illustration - Home
Drawing, Illustration, Inspiration

Home Illustration

This week is marking the fourth week in lockdown and the second week of home school here on the Central Coast NSW. To be honest, I actually quite like home 🙂 Majority of times if I had a choice about being at home or out I usually choose home. I have all my art...


Take a Virtual Art Class with me

Apparently - everyone is not going out at the moment.  I am seeing it as a fantastic opportunity to spend some extra time relaxing, time with family and ofcourse some extra time being creative. You might sit down and think right, i am going to do this, you might...


Grounding Painting – New Work

This new work is a piece just for me 🙂 I had been feeling like I needed a new work for my wall for a while now, this one has special meanings for me which have been unravelling over recent months. So it flowed out and here it is. I chose to work in warm palette...


A compliation of work

I just popped onto update my website and realised its been a good 6 months since my last blog post!!! I have been regularly updating my newsletter but i have missed the ball over here so again I pop back in here to give you a bit of an update. The last 6months or...

Sherry McCourt - May Popup
May 2022 Popup, Popup - May 2022

Artist – Sherry McCourt

For the May 2022 Popup Activation we would like to introduce to one of our exhibiting artists  Sherry McCourt Sherry is a local artist here on the coast, residing on MacMasters Beach. ARTIST STATEMENT I'm moving on this year, away from painting on ephemera such as...

Wendy Burgess - Popup May 2022
May 2022 Popup, Popup - May 2022

Tutor – Wendy Burgess

For our May 2022 Popup Activation we would like to introduce to our Workshop Tutor: Wendy Burgess ABOUT WENDY Wendy lives on the Central Coast and has been an avid crafter for over 30 years. In that time she has learned a wide range of crafts including wet felting,...

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