Belinda Lindhardt

Artist & Illustrator, Central Coast NSW

I am passionate about creating inspiring art

that makes one pause, ponder and retrospectively reconnect you back to you.

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Prints can be a lovely way to enjoy art in a smaller space, as a gift and is an affordable option for your favourite piece. My limited edition prints come in a few sizes printed on specality paper with archivalable inks. 

Kookaburra Art Print - by Artist Belinda Lindhardt


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Created designed & printed in Australia. Supporting local businesses & sustainable forests.


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New Year 2023
Mindset, Personal Growth

This helped me this year 🙂

Sharing this post from my socials feed.  I am always a bit wary of posting this kind of thing, cause you know who really wants to know all that?  However, every time I do I always get a flood of messages so I am sharing here incase socials aren't your thing.  For...

Paintings, studio

Fairytale Lost

Here are my thoughts behind this painting. 🙂 For many years, I have experienced time of depression and anxiety which have contributed to the ways of being in life. As a child, I was feed fairytales in books, songs, and in movies and unconsciously held onto the...


Moving Studio!!!

The time has come, where I must pack up this lovely little studio/office and move to a new location. 🙁 I have had lots of studio cleanups over the years and I am well practiced with letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose or get me excited. This time,...


All gone 🙁

Unfortunately, as of last week, all these paintings and more are no longer around. These are the ones i had around my house so i was looking at them everyday and are now lost. We had a house fire everything is destroyed but are ok that is the main thing. My brother...

Free Workshop Get your Art into PRint
Workshops & Classes

FREE Workshop – Get your art into print

Would you like to turn your art into prints, products or flyers but are overwhelmed with all the options and info to do it yourself? For many years, I have been doing trial by error with printing and my art. I have done cards, flyers, totebags, prints, zipper...

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