Do you like to send handwritten letters?

I love receiving something handwritten in the mail. I have in my keepsake box letters from girlfriends in the teenage years, past lovers notes from my Grandma & my Aunty from Denmark when she used to send me little notes in the mail. In the age where we receive so much information flooding into our brains, I love the idea of sitting down and writing messages. I used to be a big one for sending Christmas Cards and I still do but these days with the year we have had and when we haven’t always been able to catch up with loved ones a letter I feel would be a lovely thing to send and receive this year.

I am a big stationery lover, when working in the stationery shop there would be many ladies come in asking for letter-writing sets as they are pretty hard to come by these days everything is a bit mass-produced, not customisable not hand touched, so on the prompt a lovely customer I decided to create a range of stationery sets that are both lined and blank (cause i feel like you are either one or the other) and also the ability to create one which is personalised. These designs are mostly created from inspirations of my paintings or hand painted flowers and leaves which have been designed to suit a bunch of different styles.

Checkout the Letter Writing Sets – Blank, Lined, and/or Customised

So if you are interested please head over to the shop and check them out I would love to know which one is your favourite!  Visit the shop