Reflection - mixed media on wood

“Reflection” – Mixed media on wood

This artwork was completed a little while ago, some of you may have seen in the CCAS January Exhibition. I have been talking alot in both my mixed media classes  and my coloured pencil workshops about experimenting and using different materials and seeing how these come together this artwork is essentially a direct result of both of those.

Created with specialist acrylic inks, paint, pencils and pen on a custom made wooden panel, up close  you can still see the grain of the wooden panel peeking through and gives a lovely texture to the smooth surface of the face.

Inspired by “ones”  thoughts on reflections this one came to me whilst i was reflecting on a few things towards the end of last year for both myself and for other in general.  I have many people tell me it looks like me, likely because i used myself in the mirror to draw the angles of the face, however it isn’t supposed to be “me” but sometimes these things happen.  At the moment i am still reflecting actually, particularly in relation to my art and where its heading, hence why there is not a bunch of new work from me at present.  There are lots of thoughts and plans going on, i am trusting things will resolve themselves, in the meantime i am busy teaching. More to come very soon.

60cm X 60cms. This artwork is currently available in my studio.