I am a big fan of Jane Davenport I have taken many of her classes, I have her book and now I am super excited for her and her new range of Mixed Media art supplies!! wooo hooo!!

I of-course, had to get some to try because I too am a self confused art supply addict… and so after watching her videos on her new Butterfly Effect book (available on her website) I knew I had to get one for myself and make it work for me!

I know a bunch of you were excited to see what I was going to do, so here is a video about 25mins long  showing you how I decorated my cover, I talk a little bit about how I like to paint, what materials I use and then how I put together all of that in the system that is the Butterfly Effect. I also made my own version of Jane’s calendar which runs for a month rather than a week and a few other tweaks here and there, as I didn’t wasn’t able to purchase things like the cover for the book or the washi tape holder but so I kinda improvised and will pick some of those up as well as some more elastics in my next purchase.

So here is the video I hope you like it, please leave a comment below and let me know you stopped by 🙂