I will often get asked: “What is Mixed Media?”

In my terms, Mixed Media art is when you have at least 2 different types of media in an artwork and the Mixed Media classes is where we learn how to combine all different types of media together in different ways. So, for example, this might be Watercolour and pencil, or acrylics and pencil or acrylics and pen and collage or all of these. This could be on a canvas or on paper or anything else.  It can include any number of combinations and basically in my classes I will teach and guide you about how to combine these multiple media together.

Mixed Media is a great way whether that be in a class or just by yourself for breaking free of the worry of trying to do things a certain way and experimenting with all different types of materials and subjects and just allowing yourself to let those creative juices flowing.

I have had people come along to mixed media class who have been stuck just using the same materials over and over again and want to break free of that, I have had people who have had no previous experience in painting or using various art materials so it was a chance for them to learn use acrylics and the process of putting an artwork together.  I have also had people who have really had no idea about what they wanted to do but just want to do something creative.

This class is really about opening yourself up to exploring your creativity in a variety of different ways no matter what stage you are at.

So for me this is what Mixed media means, there might be other definitions but that’s what makes sense to me.I hope that makes sense to you.

Most of all though get out all those art materials you have had lying around in a box for years and just experiment and play! Art is fabulous for the soul!

Here are some examples of mixed media work:

Convergence – Mixed Media Artwork

Abstract Landscape Painting Available for SALE