This term we have been having heaps of fun in Mixed Media art class.

Here is one of the demos I have been doing in class over the past few weeks. This is part of my section of “bringing it all together” and working larger. I think its important in these classes for participants to see how something evolves over time, the struggles the wins, the losses, the approach to how it comes all together, rather than just knocking out a technique or peice in 1 week.

For this demo I have worked on watercolour paper with a variety of materials including paint, charcoal, pencil, inks, pastels and pens. I think there will be a bit more to this one over the next couple of weeks but we have lots of projects to finish up in class so lets let go and see how it runs!!

Mixed media class runs at Gosford Regional Gallery – Mondays 12.30-3.30. Bookings are through the gallery website.