Merging out from under the Doona blankets to give you a little update on the popup in May.

The May popup was an amazing and wonderful experience

I had an amazing time setting up and facilitating opportunities for myself and other local artists and creatives.

It’s been a little while for me since I was back in the art event saddle other than creating a home market from the front of my house. It reminded me how much I missed chatting to and connecting with other people, especially like-minded ones, and how important it is for me to be in service to others using the skills and experiences I have accumulated over the years. It also reminded me on a personal level about working in a team, sometimes it’s such a solitary existence I lead and we really can do better when we join forces which is why I wanted to open the opportunity up to the other local artists and I am so glad I did.

Unfortunately, the event was cut short by the effect of Covid, and having an existing autoimmune condition, meant I had to close up shop and its stayed around here 3 weeks later I am still recovering but on the mend. I am disappointed that we were able to stay the course but at the same time proud of what was put together and in thanks to the other amazing artists who came along for the ride.

Thankyou to my supporters who stopped in to say Hi 🙂 It’s for you guys I keep creating and all the hard work makes it worth the while.

I am grateful for the opportunity from the Central Coast Council for use of the creative space, which from here on out will be in operation by other artists and creatives so if you are local to me please keep an eye out for what is happening via the council website.

Now with this lovely cold weather it’s a great time for staying indoors and creating art, seeing what the next step will be, and opening up for some new opportunities in the warmer months.

Stay tuned and please say Hi via email, and messages, I would love to stay connected.