Make Art That Sells & Make it in Design Summer School

For quite a few years I have participated in Lilla Rogers – Make Art that Sells & Make it in Design Projects. 

Here is a collection of work from both of these classes. Some of these projects I have taken further to produce products & items for sale in my collection. 

I am super excited to be participating this year in February in the Illustrating Childrens books class with Lilla Rogers. Please check my blog or instagram for updates as I work through this class. 

All images are © Copyright Reserved 2018.  Thankyou for respecting the time and dedication I put into producing my work. Please do not share my images without permission or credit.


Make Art that Sells and Make it Design Summer School 

Participate in:

Make Art that Sells Part A 2013, Bootcamp 2014, Global Talent Search 2016, Bootcamp 2017 & 

Illustrating Childrens Books Feb 2018.

Make it in Design Summer School 2016 – Advanced & Intermediate

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