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Mothers Day Greeting Card & Print Collection 2017

Contemporary Florals & Bold Colours – Messages for Mum

In 2017 I created a collection of greeting card designs and prints designed for mums. The idea was that not only would they be beautiful contemporary floral designs but there were also special messages for mum from different age groups so ones for Mums with younger children but also for older / teenage kids as well as adults giving their mum a special message they may not always say. 

The designs for this also incorporated abstract / bright colours which are not always seen for mums as well as some blank designs what would work not for mums who wish to buy for themselves. Me being one of these 😉 

Consideration in these designs were for walls that would perhaps include more muted colours and colour trends of the time. 


Mothers Day Contemporary Florals 

Greeting Card & Prints 2017 Collection

Some of these are available for sale on my > RedBubble profile or from me in my shop

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