Ok so if your not an creative person this post probably won’t excite you too much, but I am excited so here is my share! 🙂

I just received my Dottarific markers, I love making dots in artwork, I get annoyed when the dots aren’t circular more often than not they end up being more of an oval shape  and it’s time consuming to colour bit dots (ok yes I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to details) …  I have been experimenting with different types of materials, arts, ways of working to mix this in with my design and illustration work as well as my artwork. They are all wonderful tools to get the creative juices flowing and I am all about maximising my time these days…
Anyway… When I saw Jane Davenport using these markers in her recent workshop I had to get some …they don’t carry them in Australia I got them from Paper Ink Arts.

So, I just had a quick play and look at all my lovely dotties … oooh exciting *claps hands* 🙂