Many Eggs – Belinda Lindhardt – Oil on canvas

Sometimes we can get so many eggs in our basket, so many little things we are working on, before you know it your basket is overflowing and you don’t know how you are going to eat them ALL!

So what you do you do when you get to so many eggs you don’t know what to do with them?

First take a pause and STOP putting eggs in for a moment. Der! 🙂  Then Count them and next step is the fun part  SMASH them!

Count them.

By counting I don’t mean how many.. ie. numbers but I mean get them all out of that basket and take a good look at them. Write  them down, check them out and see what is really in there. Sometimes we can get so caught up in all the things we need to do and just get overwhelmed without really knowing what we are overwhelmed about.


Do all these eggs need to be in your basket? Are there ones there that kinda are important but in the scheme of things are really not vital to your life? What is the reason they are in there for?
If you find some of these… so toss them out! Get rid of them. Sure you might feel a little bad for breaking an egg, but look at all the ones you have in there, something has to give.

Assess the ones you have left and put them in order of importance put the ones you would like to get to at some point but not that important at the bottom. Put the most important ones at the top, grab them first – use them up!  Get these out of the way before they go bad or if you can’t do that put them in the fridge (your diary) and write a name on them for the day you are going to use them.

Once you start using up some of your eggs and have a bit more room in your basket only then can you can start to add more.
Remember though before you start filling up your basket again, there is only so much room…
Do you really need to add that egg to your basket or are you just filling your basket up with stuff?

It’s really heavy basket to carry around, ask yourself do you really need to put that egg in there?