This week is marking the fourth week in lockdown and the second week of home school here on the Central Coast NSW.

To be honest, I actually quite like home 🙂 Majority of times if I had a choice about being at home or out I usually choose home. I have all my art supplies here, I have my loved ones here. Don’t get me wrong I am longing for an adventure, I get inspired by going out and seeing new places, I do long for a holiday. But home is a place where I can also imagine, I can create, I can escape. So whilst we are all bunkering down, I am choosing to use the time to do what I love to do, paint, draw, improve those skills I have been meaning to do but always procrastinate on. It feels far better to do this rather than worry, or watch the news 🙂

So, at the moment I am choosing to enjoy being home, cause one thing I know is that we are always everchanging, ever-evolving and whilst we will likely never go “back to normal” there will one day be a new normal, it will come and is likely to be very different to what I once knew and I will be longing for the slowness of home again.