We made it to the end of the year!

I am not going to get in here talking about how rough the year was and misguided hype and resolutions about goals about the new year coming, for me this year was actually pretty ok.
I have had many much worst years, harder years, that’s not to say I am not sympathetic to all that is going on and i know for some people it’s really rough, but for me, it wasn’t that. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had some pretty dark times, times where I wasn’t sure I was coming out the other side with a roof over my head and food in the belly’s of my kids, and it’s nutted me down to the core and then I have leaned in, leaned in and let go of the past, mended, knitted bits and pieces and put myself back together with the help of some very dear friends who i hold very close in my heart and yes i find it hard to reach out but that is a completely different story. YEARS of stuff dissolving and dismantling both subconscious and conscious and then here I am gradually, slowly, gently getting to the point where I can trust myself and my intuition that I am enough and I am ok (to say that with love in your heart is a challenging thing to do but i am MOSTLY there 🙂 I have made mistakes and can see things I have done, said, been that haven’t served me and that is ok and I am a pretty decent human being 🙂 .

So without going too deep in the personal journey (cause i mean do you really want to know about all of that 🙂  I am also glad the year has come to an end and we find with a new start but not a start where I start at the beginning again, a recharge and restart from down the line a bit where all the past stuff doesn’t run the show and I call myself out on my on BS basically and not perfect but aware when things show up and notice and move forward rather than be stuck in old programming.

SO…Here’s to a new year! a restart and a continuation of the journey that has already been that I am much more prepared for. 

This artwork is one that has come to me during my relaxation over the last week or so, finally having time to do some art. I am aware that i keep painting women, and more often than not these women turn out to be blue not normal skin colour. I still don’t know what the relationship is with the blue women as yet, I am yet to discover what it is and why I am pulled to paint & draw them. What I do know is that things come out in art that we do not always understand, but i am not going to question why or hold it back, its coming to my mind for a reason and you have to go THROUGH these things not push them down (i certainly did that for way too long) so here is another in the blue women paintings, more of these no doubt will come. It’s called “Mending” and I have used a rich copper paint that shines that is slightly hard to see on the photos.

Happy Holidays to you and your family, please reach out and say hi through all the things as I love to stay connected 🙂