Happy Happy New Year to you all!

For many years now I have done a new year’s resolution, with goals intentions plans for the year. Last year I was so super organised I had my whole year mapped out of when I was going to take holidays, when I was going to work on different projects, I did this out of needing to manage my time better and not have so many things on my plate, each year I have done this so that I feel like i have some control over what is going to happen, despite myself.  Each has been a different set of things determined to improve on the year before….however, what I have come to discover is that I really have no control and having the list just made me feel bad for not achieving it! Last year, despite my best efforts, not much of it came into play with personal circumstances, a really really really slow year financially / work wise, car accidents basically the universe or a higher power pulling in all the things and the year basically playing out in a way I think now totally how it was meant to be. I had to dig deep, push on and LET GO of so many things and new discoveries about myself, life, etc had to come through it was their and my time to be resolved so new things can be welcomed in.

When I looked back on this blog just now, I realise this year will be my 10year anniversary on this blog (i had another one before this for a few years), but  that’s at least 10 years of plans, 10 years of intentions, 10 years of what has mostly felt like pushing *** up a hill to get to somewhere (wasn’t really sure what this was despite all the planning). I admit I am not always consistent and I wonder whether anyone ever reads blogs anymore, but at the same time one thing I haven’t let go over that there have been people who have written to me or connected with who have said they have read my blog and it helped them in some way and so with that I am still holding onto this. So… this year just wanted to share with you all that, this holiday season, I haven’t done any major planning as far as blocking too many things out in my diary. I am not overly stressed on how I am going to get to this place I need to go (still don’t know where that is). I am trusting that it will work out and I will be able to work it out along the way.  I have the first part of the year mapped out with a couple of commissions, exhibitions and illustration projects as well as some ideas for things I would like to do as the year goes on but other than that I am ALL GOOD. I am not really watching what others are doing, and I am not fussed by my social media presence and numbers. Sure I still need to work on many areas and sure I want to improve my art but its one day, it doesn’t have to be today. 🙂

What I have done is I have celebrated achievements, this last year I have launched 3 online courses, I have just completed certification as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach, I have worked, I have collaborated, I have participated. I have loved, I have shared and I have recovered, I have spent time recharging and looking after myself when I needed to (and I need to do this MORE in 2019) and as a human being I think I am doing pretty good.

I share with you here as some of you who may read this of you will have been following me on the journey for most of this time just want to know what I am up to, others might not have read this blog before and maybe just maybe you have been on a similar journey or you are starting out and it helps you to read behind the mysterious mask that is the internet where we sometimes feel like everyone else has it together I hope this dissolves this a bit for you. Whichever it has been that brings you here that you have a great start to 2019, I hope to connect, share and maybe inspire alongside you this year.