I love art and craft projects that work for both myself and the kids. Even better are art projects that have limited amount of mess, and easy for them to use.  These Pebeo, Vitrea 160 markers and paints were fantastic in our recent family art time.

I purchased these cute little glass tea light holders the other day in my local discount store for $2 each and thought they would be a lovely way to to send myself some “love” being so close to valentines day,  while we were there my youngest son (almost 9) saw these cute little milk bottle type jars that he wanted to paint as well which I thought was a fantastic idea.



 I have used these Pebeo paints before I really love how the colours blend together as the paints are applied and drying you can achieve some really love effects. For this project,  I really wanted to give the markers a good go and was delighted to see that they too blend well together in a small areas which is ideal for use with the markers on a small project like this (works best with a dabbing motion).

The markers are great for creating specific details like this then for areas where you didn’t want the two colours to blend together you can allow it to cure and then “colour” in certain areas with the paints later on, so the two products work really well together for this kind of thing.



In this photo you can see I created the red lines in red marker and followed up with the blue in the paints.

The Vitrea 160 markers are obviously really great for the kids to use as they are very familiar to work with and they don’t get so frustrated with applying colour that can sometimes happen with young kids and paintbrushes. If you have a child a bit like mine who is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to art (not sure where he gets that from and NO that’s not a good thing) the fact that he can “wipe” away his mistakes while its still fairly wet and start again was a huge bonus and I secretly liked being able to do that too.

All in all we BOTH had great fun playing with the Pebeo, Markers and Paints they are products which work great together and can be for a variety of projects both detailed and loose. They can be purchased from Spotlight stores.

Have a Happy Valentines day for tomorrow “You are loved”.

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