Spiritual, Intuitive & Abstract Paintings


My spiritual paintings are often something that just come to me, it could start with a theme like space or colour and as the painting evolves I just intuitively let it turn into what it needs to turn into. Often before starting these paintings I will get called to write some words, intentions or phrases onto the canvas that are there underneath all the layers. I love to use a variety of textures and mediums in these paintings including things like texture pastes, collage, inks as well as drawing, scratching and inks and pastels.
My abstract paintings often just turn up the same way as the intuitive ones sometimes these will start with inspiration from nature or a concept that gradually evolves as I let it. This style of painting has taught me to “let go” and trust to the process and allow the creativity to flow!

The artworks in my online galleries are a collection of past and present works created with a variety of mediums. For current works that are available for sale please visit the shop.