Would you like to turn your art into prints, products or flyers but are overwhelmed with all the options and info to do it yourself?

For many years, I have been doing trial by error with printing and my art. I have done cards, flyers, totebags, prints, zipper pouches and a bunch of other things all the things to try and find something that worked for me and that didn’t cost the earth. My prints and cards have been used to to giveaway, to sell via my website, at markets, at exhibitions as extra sales and the same principles for use in promotional marketing materials such as flyers and business cards. I have used this experience for my own artworks as well as I have worked with many other artists and creatives that have used my services to help them with their promotion their art.

So, I guess you could say I have done alot 🙂  I am also a graphic designer and I have alot of technial knowledge so, its kinda one of my things that i can blend both my creative and my technical side. I realise however not everyone has this nor do they want to but I am a big believer in sharing my knowledge and experience. The tools we have available for us these days means artists can take control of this side of their business with just a few guidelines from a print person to help them out. So here is my take on it:

FREE Workshop to help artists get their art to print.

The aim is that this workshop will help clarify some common things artists and creatives come across when trying to do this themselves and to give you some good practical info on how you can get started or continue the journey if you have given it a go before. I also want to offer the support for answering questions and helping sort it out for you as one thing i have worked out in 28years in business is that we are all different and learn different ways and I enjoy helping people out. So enough of me talking here are the details:

This FREE workshop will include 2 short videos aiming for around 30mins which will be recorded live (so you can watch back later). My aim is to keep this a brief as possible so it may be broken into 2 parts just so you can watch it without information overload. Then I will also hold 1-2 weeks later a BONUS Q&A session for all the particpants where you can jump on to ask your questions or if you would like a to submit a question prior I will go through it to answer your questions.

This is a live event held in July 2023 and will be recorded.

All the details are on the Registration page so if you are interested please jump on over and take a look.