Free Printable – Family Schedule Template for 3 people

(Great for Single Parents or those with working teenagers)

Those who find themselves like me with “working” teenagers, you will appreciate the joys of trying to manage those with work schedules/shifts.

I recently found myself trying to find a way to manage these in a way i would remember, the constant needs for “lifts” home from a busy night of work that can vary at the drop of a hat as well as appointments not to mention my own work / life schedule was actually leaving me a bit burnt out and all over the place.

So with that and I wanted to find a simple schedule that can be placed on the fridge and written on week to week to keep track of who is working when.

I couldn’t find one so I created one! Here it is for you!

For me this works as a single-parent family but essentially this just has 3 name options for you to fill in. You could download and laminate this one to write on with a whiteboard marker or you can print out each week and just kids to write each week what they have on. I will also do another one with 4 slots for 4 family members.

This one prints on A4 paper (PDF File – 890K) and is FREE if you would like your own version of this one customised let me know I can do some up in my shop.

Free Weekly Family Schedule Template - Single Parent with Teenagers

Here is a photo of how this one appears on my fridge 🙂 If this works for you please leave a comment I would love to know it helps.