Here are my thoughts behind this painting. 🙂

For many years, I have experienced time of depression and anxiety which have contributed to the ways of being in life.

As a child, I was feed fairytales in books, songs, and in movies and unconsciously held onto the belief that one day it would all work out with a “happy ending” or that one day a Prince Charming would come to rescue me like they would in the stories. These days we have social media illusions of the perfect lifestyle, the perfect body, food holidays it could all be ours just like everyone else’s…only when we don’t have them…. it’s disheartening and we feel there is something wrong with us. They are all just stories or things we do not have in our own Facebook feed to show the world. As an adult especially when I became a parent, particularly as a solo parent, I gave up on the stories and got on with “real life” but deep down I still believed that one day it would all work out for me. Day by day, year by year I keep plugging away at life as that is just what you have to do, and before I know it many years have passed holding onto (albeit consciously) an illusion that my magical fairytale story. Would it now be my turn for it to come true?

As I move into the next phase of life and I watch the next generations of women come into their own power, I also watch the older generations that came before me and I can see the push and pulls we ALL have as we go about our lives. New stories formed and old ones we are holding onto. Which ones are ours and which are that we have read and believed? I also see how so many of these things have played out in my own life without consciously choosing them.

This painting is about that illusion of a Fairytale Story that is lost in life but more importantly the tragic loss of the present moment if one chooses to stay in the Fairytale.