Would you like to turn your art into prints,  products, flyers etc but are overwhelmed with all the options and info out there?

In July i will be running a info series / webinar helping fellow artists & creatives get their artworks from the canvas or paper to a printed by providing some practical tips and information. I will also be offering a live support session for whoever wishes to attend where i will go over any questions or queries on a group call, you can chose to chat with me on the call or i can answer some preasked questions.

Covered will be things like:

  • Print, Photo, Frame / paper sizes in Australia and how to get your art setup correctly to match.

  • How to setup your artwork for print files in Canva for cost-effective printing at your local printer for prints but also things like flyers etc for promotions.

  • Resolutions print / web explained

  • How to catalog your files (ie. how i do it) without necessarily having fancy software and good practice for organising your digital work to save you time in getting files for use in different places.

  • Common hiccups and tips

  • Differences in printing for commerical, verses professional, versus home printing and why

  • Costs and print run sticking points useful if you wish to sell your prints at markets etc.

  • More points will be coming, need something else please just ask.

The videos will be recorded and can be watched later are only available to those who have signed up to the workshop with a password.

This will be starting in July 2023 will likely be 2 shorted info sessions and 1-2 support sessions as required.

If you want to be notified of the dates and times and further details you can signup to my newsletter on the following page which will notify me in my system as getting the info for this. Or you can just email me direct and i will add you to a private email.