What are your mornings like? Peaceful, relaxing calm? Ummmm….

If you have school age children my bet is that your mornings can be extremely hecitc and on some mornings by the time school dropoff has come around you just about ready for a stiff drink!

Last term my mornings seemed to be all over the place in terms of getting out the door. Most of the time they would begin ok but as the deadline drew nearer there would be items left behind/ forgotten or we would have it take 1 hour to put shoes on! (drives me insane!) and ever so many other things that would just mean a rush rush rush.

In my never ending quest for a more peaceful and harmonious life – I vowed that this term I was going to tackle the morning routine and begin my days more productively for myself and my family and come up with a new way to start the morning.
Part of this comes down to stepping back a bit from the “mum” role and saying you know what thats not my responsibility!! My children are getting to an age now where they are capable of taking responsibility for themselves and all the things they need to remember to do on a daily basis.

However, on the one hand they need to do all these things but  they are only children they do need reminding they cant be expected to remember 5-6 thinsg when mr legoman is sitting there ever so nicely and just wants to be played with – Yes i get that. So I figured if they have a visual checklist that reminds them and that I can simply refer them to that might help them and will hopefully let me keep my sanity.


Here  is the little chart i printed out and laminated and stuck in a place they will not miss it! 🙂

I had fun creating these little icons (the bat isnt specifically for this but he loves bats so i figured what not stick it on there) make it fun .
Mr 7.0 has a very good imagination and is easily distracted so this has to be something fun and colourful and specific to him (he has a blue drink bottle and green lunch bag) that can remind him to get that stuff into his bag and yes I make him make his own lunch this is one less thing I have to do.

I am coupling this with a new reward chart as well for the week so if he does the daily tasks he can also get some stickers on the reward and build up to other things he would like.

Will it work? Who knows? I hope so but I had fun creating this so I thought I would share 🙂

Would you like one? Should I make this a printable for you to download ? If your interested please comment below and tell me what you would like on yours 🙂