Commissioning an Artwork

I have openings for creating custom paintings in 2023
Contact me to book or discuss

How would you like to walk into a room,
be inspired, connected as you look at an artwork
that has been created just for you. 


Are you looking at your walls and are tired of seeing the same old plain vanilla art or art that you absolutely loved 10years ago and no longer fills you with inspiration?

What if your walls contained an artwork that embraces your uniqueness, sparks joy and provides an instant reminder and connection of who you are today for you and all those in your home and office to enjoy.

You can have a special one of a kind custom made painting in which you get to be part of the creation process. Your painting will have such a special meaning and connection unique to you that inspires you everytime you walk into the room.

Prices start from $330 inc GST which includes delivery Australia wide for a smallish painting.

Includes a 30min consultation on styles, colour palette choices and getting some inspo. Draft concept sketches and updates along the way.
I would love to help create your vision in a style, medium subject that resonates with you. 


Past Artwork Commissions & Styles

Here are just a few of my past art commissions. As you can see I mix it up a bit in styles that seems to be my jam.
Part of the process is to work out the style of work you would like, if you don’t already know. Gather a collection of symbols, art styles you like, we will spend a bit of time here. You can take a look  from my gallery for my past works but also other art styles / artists you love to get a feel for it. As a creative process each NEW artwork is individual and I talior my process to the desired outcome. Comes from my designer background I love working to a brief.

Interested in commission an artwork/painting?

 Here is the process for commissioning an artwork:

  • Please fill in the form below with your details and thoughts about your painting.
    Things to know are sizes, styles (as I do have a few different ones ;), If you are interested in it being a channeled painting or where you are specific to elements, and symbols those are both options.
    If you have a space you would like to display it in that is really good for me to know.  If you love a particular painting style from my Gallery please let me know.
    This step can be done on email or via a complimentary Zoom call 20mins just to get to know each other. If you are not sure of what you would like please book a free 20min session with me and have a chat here.
  • Upon an initial chat / email – I will confirm a price, delivery, dates, and all the logistics and supply you with an invoice for a 50% deposit, this books you in my calendar for creation. Or there is also an Afterpay option if preferred.
  • We will arrange a Zoom meeting to chat further about the details the colours etc. All the bits and pieces your vision if you have one or if not let me hear all about you what you are up to and see what I can create for you.
  • I will then come back to you with some things to start with, they maybe colours, drawings, or sketches or a digital mockup depending on your desired outcome, and just get a bit of feedback to make sure we are on the same page 🙂
  • As I go along I will send you updates or I will post to social media if this is ok with you.
  • Depending on the style of work you will have an option at certain times to have MINOR adjustments to the agreed painting.
  • When your painting is completed you will be sent a photo and the balance of the invoice is due. I will then arrange delivery of your artwork. The artwork also comes with an Authenticity certificate.
  • If you have any questions or queries I am more than happy to discuss these, please let me know at the beginning of the process so put them in the form below. There are no silly questions! I love to be able to bring your vision to life! Please note, due to the personal nature, I will not post any images of this artwork on social media during its creation unless I have permission from you. I would love it if i can share and put the work in my portfolio but if you prefer this not to happen please advise at the start of  the project. Copyright of the artwork will still remain my property unless otherwise discussed prior to starting. 

I am so excited to be working with you.
Please fill in the below form to get the ball rolling on getting an customised artwork created just for your fabulous self or someone you love.

Please use this form as a prompt, if you do not know the answers to these questions to please indicate dont know, its totally ok 🙂 . We can have a chat to discuss and hopefully i can provide you with some information to go away and think about for a future artwork that may come your way 🙂

Where in the world do you live?
What have you envisioned for your artwork? Is there a special meaning or symbol you wish to include? Something you wish to be connected with? Personal Story? How do you see this artwork in your daily life?
Suggestions: Bright, Muted, Pastels, Earthy, Dark, Vibrant or specific colours. It's ok if you don't know we can work this out.
Do you have a wall, spot, or position that you already know where you would like to hang this painting? Or do you have decor or colours you would like to compliment? Please upload a photo for refrence or any other photos you would like to include.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 256 MB, Max. files: 3.
    Size of Artwork(Required)
    Which sizes are you interested in? Please take note of square or rectangular aspects.
    Prices start FROM $330- inc GST including delivery Australia-wide.
    Prices will vary depending on if you would like your artwork framed which can be arranged for additional fee.
    Afterpay is available. A deposit will be required.
    Is there anything else you wish to make note of? Want to ask? Wish to include? Is there a date or time that you would like to have this completed by?