Would like to extend your artistic skills with coloured pencils? Today I decided to offer my online coloured pencil online class at a discounted rate as a celebration for the EOFY.

If you join the class you will learn all about strokes, layers, how to blend colours and how to create a realistic artwork with coloured pencils all working at your own pace and supported by facebook group to help answer your questions and give you guidance along the way.

Today till the 30th June 2019 you can jump in on this class for $15-. It’s probably a bit crazy to put all this out there for the price but I’m learning to trust my gut on these things so here it is.

It’s a work at your own pace class, you can jump in and out at any time. You can download the videos and keep them for later, you can also download the pdf, print it out if that works better for you also. I really have put in alot of thought to try and make it work for people like me who like to learn different ways. Part of this class is that you also get access to my private facebook group, so I can support you along the way.

So, if your keen jump on in, click on the link for more info on the site or you can watch the video below to get a  feel for my style.

Coloured Pencil Starters Course – Info

Coloured Pencil Starters Course – Info