During the course of last weekend’s exhibition at Yarramalong, I was asked (and very much enjoyed) demonstrating my work with coloured pencils.

Here are some photos from the weekend.
For the demo I chose to work on Art Spectrum Colourfix Board, which is a black sandy surface. The reason for this is that I wanted to draw on black and this surface is slightly quicker than working on a white paper.

For my reference, I chose this photo which is one I have taken of 3 pears. Prior to heading out to the exhibition I put down some layers of the cloth to get those in.

Coloured Pencil Demonstration - Central Coast, Sydney

Basically my process is to start with the white areas first and do a bit of white in my first layers  in the lighter value areas to establish a basis for the laying down of the colours over the top. As we are working with a dark surface and my experience with working this way before, I know that this is an important part as if I don’t get this part down its hard to get the colour on later on. I had many questions about about whether I was using watercolour pencils and about the whole process.yarrademo2


I blended mainly with a bristle brush. Pushing the bits of the colour into the grain of the paper/board. This photo below was at the end of the first day.yarrademo3

By the end of the second day I was able to consider most of the pears done, there is still some work to do one the cloth and some detail work.   yarrademo4

I really enjoyed talking and demonstrating for everyone who came to watch and talk with me, thanks so much for everyone stopping by.