What do all of these artworks have in common?

They have all been created on drafting film.

What is drafting film? Drafting film is like tracing paper but much smoother and better quality, architects and draftsman would be familiar with it 🙂

Why use pencils on drafting film?

A number of reasons, one being that its really fun to create!

As an artist working on drafting film you can work on BOTH sides of the film, yes you need to work in “reverse” as the film is semi-transparent it means you have to kinda “reinforce” colour where need be and add subtle variances for shadows –  it really is a fun way to work.

Another great reason is that you can really get a really lovely effect from using this support. It is soft and delicate and you can frame the artwork in a variety of ways which enhance and change the overall feeling of the work.

If you like I can go into more of these in another post, for now  – please enjoy these works with drafting film and leave a comment or share you like them.


Drafting filmWant to see how?
My video showing one of the portraits I filmed whilst working with drafting film.

Questions? Please ask.