So can you - Illustration

As some of you might be following, I have been participating in Lila Rogers Bootcamp – Make art that sells. I participated in her Part A of her course last year and I find myself again loving her style and teachings.

This month’s theme was a nautical theme in which we had to do something to do with whales intially so I went with that. My final result might not fit the brief totally for wall art,  however, my objective  for the course is to define style & process  and practice rather than having a piece that totally fits her brief and as well as that my top priority is to GO with the flow and have fun!

In my recent practices, I have a theme running for Inspirational Art accross my illustrations and my fine art and I am particularly passionate about inspiring children in their journeys hence quite a lot of pics surrounding these themes.

The quote for this artwork came from my 10yo son, both my boys are often my inspiration and this was what he came up with, as hard as I tried I can’t top that.

The specifics: This art was actually created as a large painting, see the photo,  its wall size, it is in landscape format as I really thought the long wall worked in a longer format but i am sticking with the square for the MATs

Would love to hear what your thoughts are, I have also finally started to update my illustration porftfolio, whilst not there yet its a start would love for you to get along and tell me your favourite.