Ok, so I get not everyone is the spiritual self- development scene.

In fact, particularly on the spiritual side –  I have never been into this (I am not sure I am on it now) but what I am into is the notion that – we are all able to improve ourselves through education in various areas of our life (if we want to).

My journey in the past 9 years has been very much full of stop and start, up and down stuff and regular readers of my blog and art blog will know I have been on quite the trip (probably shouldn’t share half the stuff online that I do – but it is my journey, it’s part of who I am today. Part of  who I am  is also to give / share  – I hope it helps others by sharing which is why I do it).

For those of you who haven’t been on the journey with me –  I have been spending this time reading, writing, listening and watching (and drawing) all types of stuff relating to what has been going on in my life , but what I really have been doing is discovering and educating myself on various topics and trying to find where I fit.

As part of this earlier this year I decided to take the » Adventures in Manifesting course written by Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson.  I am a fan of Sarah’s and was interested to hear what she had put together. I would recommend it if your interested in law of attraction stuff. Anyway, I digress… through this course  Sarah & Sean recommended this book “You can heal your life” by Lousie Hay .

I have to admit I am sceptical of any of this spiritual airy fairy stuff but they spoke so highly of it I decided to buy it. (See how powerful that influence was).

So, today I wanted to recommend this book to you if you are interested in looking at your life from a different perspective.

Loving yourself. No matter  what your flaws are, what you have done in the past, how your life has been it is all about the love now in the present and that will bring you happiness and love in the future. Yep! sounds a bit airy fairy and I probably wont do it  justice by trying to convey all of the great stuff in this book – so I won’t.

What I will say is that I usually don’t recommend things unless really have made an impact on me – and  this one most defiantly has.

I will also tell you that this book is beautifully illustrated (which I wasn’t prepared for buying the book
online) the pages are thick and colourful and full of illustrations on every page it just a great experience to read not just for the content but also the way it  has been put together.

I am yet to finish this book, about 3/4 through, I also found it was in my local bookshop and there were other companion books to this one and a workbook if you want to get really into it.

Two key messages (amoung the many) that I have found in this book which have helped me emensly are:

1-  Don’t want for the – when this XYZ  happens then you will be happy – there is always a when..learn to be happy now!

2 – Learn to approve of yourself, say it to yourself learn to accept all that you are and approve of it.
For some people this comes very easily for others not so much I am part of the not so much… but I am learning and improving .. and continuing on the journey.



On a side note: You will have noticed I have a new blog design.
I have creative part of my site / blog which is called Creativity, Inspiration & Business this part is for my readers who aren’t necessarily my clients or customers,  but enjoy my musings on topics such as the above  –  life, inspiration and business.  These are topics I am passionate about and write about often. Hope you like… leave a comment let me know what you think 🙂