Artist & Creative Mentoring with Belinda

Are you an artist or creative and you just feel a bit stuck?

That could be in your creative process or in your business direction, sometimes its good just to get a fresh perspective. 

Book a time with me to have a chat about where you are at and see if I can help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

Suggestions of things that could be getting help with:

pin iconTechnical stuff like getting your website together or managing the website you already have

pin iconAn art process or material that you are having trouble using or want to take a bit further

pin iconFrustration over an artwork that you just not sure about where to go next or all your artworks in general

pin iconEnquiries about marketing and printing your work and how to go about it

No judgments, No Obligations, No prerequisites

I really enjoy just chatting with other creatives and sharing my skills and expertise.


I just ask you to answer a couple of questions ahead of time via the booking form so I can prepare ahead of the chat.
Chats go for about  20mins and are done via Zoom from which I hope to give you a valuable outcome or step that you can take to help you along in your journey.



I have a FREE Facebook group for those who just need a fresh set of eyes and a bit of direction. Or a question about where to go next?

Post a pic of your work and I will provide you in the group with some feedback.

Join the Facebook Group here. Introduce yourself and post a pic of what you would like help with. 

This comes from my own experiences of doing lots of courses lots of group courses, teaching my classes, and the way I learned my own art through experimentation and a bit of guidance. Each time i was able to get one-on-one support and direction of areas to improve, a different set of eyes, and sectioning out techniques to try is how I learned and taught myself but it been a long slog, if i can help you then Id love to do so.


No judgments, No Obligations, No prerequisites