Artist & Creative Mentoring with Belinda

Are feeling a bit stuck?

Whether it’s your creative process or business direction, navigating a new material, having a mentor by your side can make a significant difference.

I’m here to help you with technical matters like setting up or managing your website, exploring art processes or materials that you find challenging or want to delve deeper into, overcoming frustrations with your artwork and finding the next steps, and inquiries about marketing and printing your work and how to navigate these realms. No judgments. No obligations. No prerequisites.

When it comes to working with me, I prefer a personalized approach. I enjoy working with people one-on-one or in small groups because each artist is at a different part in their journey. I believe in tailoring my guidance to suit your specific needs, providing practical steps and suggestions to help you move forward in the direction you want to go.

As an artist myself, I truly enjoy connecting with fellow creatives and sharing my skills and expertise. Throughout my own journey, I’ve always wished for a mentor who could provide guidance and save me hours of frustration. That’s why I’m here for you. My approach to art is not limited to a particular technique or method. I’m constantly exploring, learning, and experimenting. With over 20 years of experience in selling my art and working in marketing as a graphic designer, I offer a broad range of knowledge for you to draw upon.

While family and friends are wonderful, they may not always provide the objective feedback you need. Some artists may even try to influence your style or techniques, which may not align with your vision. If you’re feeling lost or frustrated, remember that art and creativity should be about enjoyment and excitement, alongside the challenges. No matter what stage you’re at, it’s always fantastic to connect with like-minded individuals.

If you’re not ready for a one-on-one session but would still like some help, I invite you to join my Facebook Group – Creative HEART Explorers. In this group, you can post your work, connect with others, and stay inspired. I also share my own critiques and details about my own artistic journey, with the intention of helping others see behind the scenes.

Let’s embark on this creative journey together!


If you would like some help but are not ready for a 1on1 session please Join my Facebook Group – Creative HEART Explorers

Join Creative HEART Explorers FB Group

Post your work, jump in an stay connected. I also share here my own critques on my own work and share my journey in details along the way with the view that by sharing it helps others to see behind the scenes.

Rising From the Ashes

Personalized Creative Mentoring Sessions Online

Re-Introducing our  2024 offer: Limited spots available for personalized 1-on-1 or ongoing group mentoring sessions with Belinda.

Here to help you on your transformative creative journey, currently starting at $66, inc GST, for a 50-minute session in a one-on-one online setting. Or join a small group for $44 per hour done at a set time each fortnight. Experience ongoing support, regular check-ins, and a boost of accountability. Can be used for your creative business stuff like websites and marketing, prints or on creative work.  Enquire via Email.

If you are not sure, lets have a quick 20min chat to get to know one another and see how I can help you. 


Creative Sessions with Belinda

In-person Creative Sessions with Belinda

Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing
Would you like to come and paint or draw in my studio in Woy Woy, NSW?
I offer 2-hour or full-day sessions upon application. Whether you prefer to bring your own materials or use mine, the choice is yours. At this stage, sessions are only available on Fridays or Saturdays.


If you are interested, please contact me with your interests and preferences.