This practical workshop will be run by Belinda and covers the topic of:

Practical Workshop – Websites & Eccomm for Artists & Creatives

Date: Tuesday 17th, 24th May 9.30 till 1pm

Getting your own website can be a daunting task there is lots to think about and for us creatives with lots of fabulous ideas and how best to display all your art, it can be even more overwhelming to then also have to deal with technical information and which way to go.
Perhaps you have a website already and just want to understand it better? OR
Perhaps you want to sell via your existing website and just not sure the best way around it or art stuck?


Belinda LindhardtABOUT THE TUTOR: Belinda Lindhardt

I have been a web designer and developer for over 27years (whilst also being an Artist) and have helped many artists with their website strategy and getting their website done. I have the unique skill set of being both a visually creative person and a technical one and have been around the block enough times to know a bit about what works what does and the rabbit holes we can go down in getting a site together.

I am passionate about empowering & supporting other artists & creatives who are willing to learn and have some computer skills and educate on the ins and outs of their website without having to piece it all together themselves. I forgo the technical jargon as much as possible and get it to a point where people can take back control and not be overwhelmed by all the things.


This is a practical hands-on workshop where you receive information but also be guided through actually working on your website in the class so you have some results at the end.

It is designed to be an intimate class of up to 4 where you can bring your laptop along and we can walk through either setting up your website on WordPress OR login to your existing website and I can guide you to get some things done.

As this class is completely tailored to the individuals attending on the day and is about solving things for you, there are some requirements that are needed by you before we start so that we can make the most out of the day. (see below) 

This class also includes:
– an initial 20min chat on the phone or zoom minimum prior 1 week prior,  so I can grab your details and just get connected.
– The class session will run for around 2.5 hours on the day where there will be a mixture of education and everyone in this class will also get some 1 on 1 time with me specifically for their site as well as class-guided tasks.  It will also cover general technical help on things like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & Social Media if applicable.
– This class also includes a 30min follow-up session via zoom in June 2022 after our session so that you come back and ask any questions and do screen share in the hope that you have gone away applied the experience and you may have some further questions.


Due to the technical nature of this, there will be conditions where you must have a live hosting account and software installed with a website on WordPress, Squarespace or Shopify already set up prior our class date. This is so that we don’t waste time on the mundane setups and logins prior to starting.
Please note: There is the option I can do this for you however additional fee applies for that or i can supply a few guidelines to help you do it if you wish to try yourself.
If on WordPress as part of this class I will include a 1-year license for the Divi theme (worth $89US) and we can work through setting this up. If you are on another system I would like to get a few of you together so we can do you together at the same time if possible. This is my reccommended them for all WordPress websites it has a customisable design. I am happy to discuss this further. 

Keeping all of that in mind, feel free to contact me to ask questions prior to booking, but in general this is why there is a 20min chat on the phone prior so that we can clarify any of the above details and be supported so we are ready to go on the day.


Due to the individual nature of this class, I have suggested some times below to get started and requesting that you please email me with a Register of Interest vias the form below so that I can gather together those who are keen to come along.
If the times below don’t suit please supply me with times that do (note I cannot do nighttime / Afterhours at this venue) but I could offer this class at another timeframe at a different venue so just let me know and I will see if this can work.



ArtBiz  Practical Workshop – Websites for Artists & Creatives 

Tutor: Belinda Lindardt

Cost: $265- inc GST
Payment options via bank transfer, VISA or paypal provided on confirmation of the class. 

Class: Limited to 4 people. Bookings will be required before 30th April for this class to proceed due to its nature. 

Venue: creative arena, WoyWoy

Suggested Dates: Tuesday 17th, 24th May 9.30 till 1pm

20min initial consult 1 week before (call / zoom),
approx 2.5 hour session on the day (in person),
30 min followup session within the month (call / zoom)

Materials: Bring along your laptop, power supply, and phone if wanting to check social media.
Coffee & Tea & morning tea is supplied. 

Check the COVID policy for cancellations for this event. 


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