Did you remember this week to allow yourself some time to play?

This week I managed to get some time in on my art journal creating this beautiful girl. Art journals for me are a place to just play and create, sometimes i get out all sorts of things and they have a really deep and meaningful release. Other times it simple is just a place i can create something without worrying too much about it and quite often my ideas for a larger work will come from this playtime in my journal 🙂

One of my favourite journals to use is the Stillman & Birn Journals for a few reasons one of those being it allows me not to have to worry about which materials i am using and how they will react. In this one used watecolours & pencils and then went right on in with thick acrylic paints. I plan on work a bit more on this one, probably with a gel pen but lets wait and see. Again there are no rules she might sit there for a while until I tell her story!

I posted this on facebook & on insta asking my friend who do you think she is? What does she say to you? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below