Get your art into print

with Belinda Lindhardt


Learn practical tips and information in an

easy-to-follow format designed for Australian printers

so that you can get print products, cards & marketing

material without the headache and run around.

Would you like to turn your art into prints, products or
marketing materials like flyers

but are overwhelmed with all the options?

Hello fellow artist & creative,
let me first start by saying I have been where you are if you, are confused and overwhelmed with all
the info getting your art onto products & prints. It’s alot. 

Can you relate to any of the following:

check circle icon You just don’t know how or where to start OR 

check circle icon You may know some of it and got stuck / overwhelmed OR

check circle icon Perhaps all the info you have found relates to US, UK (different suppliers and papers over there) and you just want to do a few to test the market?

Sound familiar? This is a safe space, I get it, I have been there, and i have helped others who have been here as well. It’s ok, it doesnt have to be super expensive or confusing. 

It will mean you have to be learning a few things and making a few decisions about what would work for you,  but I would love to share what I know so you dont have to to work it all out yourself.  How does that sound?


In this FREE workshop – Get your ART into print

I will share the information that has worked for me in the hope it helps you.

In my arts business over the last 28years, I have done prints at home, from a professional setting (i worked in a print and copy place using large format printers), I have done print runs from commercial & industry printers & I have done print on demand.  I have done cards, flyers, totebags, prints, zipper pouches and a bunch of other things all the things to try and find something that worked for me and that didn’t cost the earth.
My prints and cards have been used to to giveaway, to sell via my website, sell at markets, at exhibitions as extra sales and the same foundations used in promotional marketing materials such as flyers and business cards. I have used this experience for my own artworks as well as I have worked with many other artists and creatives that have used my services to help them with their promotion their art. So I guess you can say I have tried many many things and given it  a good go!

I WANT TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH OTHER CREATIVES. So I’ve decided to put this together in a workshop series. 

The aim is that this workshop will help clarify some common things artists and creatives come across when trying to do this themselves and to give you some good practical info on how you can get started or continue the journey if you have given it a go before. 

This FREE workshop will include 2 short videos aiming for around 30mins which will be recorded live (so you can watch back later).  My aim is to keep this a brief as possible so it may be broken into 2 parts just so you can watch it without information overload. 

I will also hold 1-2 weeks later a BONUS Q&A session for all the participants’ where you can jump on to ask your questions or if you would like a to submit a question prior I will go through it to answer your questions.

This is a live event held in July 2023 and will be recorded.


  • Understanding WEB & PRINT Files
  • Preparing your files scanning, photoing and editing. 
  • Information on the PRINT process which helps you detmerine
  • Which types of printers to use and differences between Industry, Commercial (including your local printer) and printing from home.
  • Info about papers and finishes etc


  •  Managing your files / catalog – Tips so you can format your files to how you need them without going down a rabbit hole. 
  •  File setup for cost-effective printing which type of printing will work for you depending on what you need to print
  • Bleed, you want printing right to the edge? Or offering art prints?  It can be messing with your mind and shouldnt be that hard but needs a bit of follow up again  depending on the things we covered last week. 
  • There will be checklists and CANVA templates in this session shared so you can go away and use these yourself. 

In this workshop, you can expect

Short Video Presentations

Your time is precious and I want you to get the most out of this, so I will keep out the fluff and provide pratical info, designed to be 2 short (approx 30mins) in length that you can easily digest the info without becoming overwhelmed. They will be recorded so you can watch at your leisure but would love for you to join me live if you can.

Easy to follow non-geeky speak.

This information is for those who don’t have huge amounts of technical knowledge and if you have some it may just give you some clarity as its been designed for Australian audiences.

It will require you to be open to learning just a little bit and have a bit of computer knowledge so that you take a bit to do yourself in the future. So if you are open to learning more this is great.

Support Session & Resources

I want to support you in your creative biz journey like I was supported in mine through my mentors. I know questions will arise later as you are doing the work yourself, so I will be sharing some resources you can take away with you and I also will have a BONUS Q&A session to answer any questions you have in the weeks to follow.
 I also will invite you a FB Group to get support connect with other likeminded creative business owners. Community & Connection is so important, you are not alone. 

About Belinda

Belinda Lindhardt

If we haven’t met yet, Hi, I am Belinda. I am an artist, illustrator and designer based on the Central Coast NSW. 

I am a self-taught artist and have had a long career of learning and “Giving it a go”. I have been proficient at being flexible and adapting to the client the project, the theme and have a vast number of skills and experiences under my belt. After 28years of being in business turns out that what I have really loved doing all along is HELPING and CONNECTING with people through sharing my knowledge and mentoring, finding solutions whether that be helping small business owners work out their marketing or their websites or guiding a budding artist paint their favourite scenes through to bringing joy and inspiration to others through my art and products showcasing my art.

I’m big at sharing so rather than you having to make all the same mistakes I did and work it out on your own, I wanted to share my knowledge with others in this EASY-to-follow, practical workshop that also comes with help and support as you start to implement the things you have learnt.

Here are just some of the items I have created from my art.

Greeting Cards, Art Prints, Tote Bags, Exhibition Flyers, Posters, Mugs, Postcards


Coming in 2024

Sydney time. 

Bonus Q&A session approximately 2 weeks later TBC. Mastermind Session TBC

Sessions go for approximately 35mins designed so you can grab your lunch or a cuppa to watch in a manageable session

To register for this workshop and receive the the details (and the recordings) please signup  below


I am committed to practicing consent based and ethical marketing practices in my business, I dislike signing up for something only to be sold to or sent lots of emails for something I wasnt told upfront.
In this spirit, please read the info below in regards to m
y communication with you on what you can expect from signing up here: 

This is a FREE workshop series, there is no hard selling no program to buy into and/or any type of monthly fee. You will receive a welcome email and some reminders leading up to the workshop.You will also receive an email covering a recap of each session. This is designed to support you throughout the workshop experience and if you have any questions. Following that you will have the option to choose to receive further emails from me.
You will recieve practice tips and information in this session that you can use straight away. You are invited to gain some support through a few options. 
For those who want further information you have the option to signup for a MASTERCLASS of which the details are released at a laterdate (some detailed below) which is a paid session but this is entirely optional and is really indepth and independant of the information in the free session, it is for those who would are really wanted to go into specific details to manage this side of their printing for their business and takes a bigger time commitment to really get enough out of it. 
The FREE workshop is designed to give you loads of information you can take away and start implementing in your art business.
The Q&A session is also FREE and will be held dependent on the participants submitting questions 🙂 


 The masterclass is an indepth group session (up to 5 people) going for around 1.5 hours
which will cover off an intensive mentoring and information session. It will cover things like:  Cost per item
of printing products for your business including a sample spreedsheet you will come away with to have you own costs  sorted for multiple printed products. 

I will also cover step by step details on cataloging your work that we wont have time for in the FREE Workshop. Plus ofcourse any questions.
This one is for those who have been to the FREE workshop and want some detailed and hands on info and tools they can use in their business.
The details are yet to be discovered, as this will also be tailored to those on the call on the day. 
It will also include a 20min 1 on 1 session with Belinda at a later date to go over the specifics of your art business. 

Fee for this masterclass will be $88- inc GST per person.
To register your interst please email Belinda more details of this will be coming.