Art Commissions by Central Coast Artist Belinda Lindhardt

Art Comissions - Belinda Lindhardt Looking for an specific style / size / subject? – Artwork Commissions

I do accept requests for art commissions for both my paintings and my coloured pencil artworks.

If you love my style of work and would like to commission a work, I would love to hear about what you are after.  Generally before we get started   I will need to know style & subjects of artwork ie. abstract or detailed.

The  size of the artwork yes this will affect the price in terms of how long it will take to complete and the materials i will need to use so if you have an idea of HOW BIG? That is a good place to start!

The schedule – when would you like to receive your artwork?
I have some availability for the beginning of 2017, please contact me with your details and we can talk further!

Belinda Lindhardt is a central coast artist & art tutor with artworks in the homes of art collectors all over Australia. If you are interested in buying online one of Belinda’s Artworks visit Belinda’s Online Art Shop for sales of original artworks, art prints & gifts inspired by her art and her love of giving!  artcomissions-belinda-lindhardt-2