Hi, I'm Belinda Lindhardt

I believe that art has immense power. It’s not something I have always believed…
Creating and sharing my art has healed me, given me strength and allows me to connect with my authentic self.
It’s also allowed me to connect with others and be inspired by their journey and sometimes, just sometimes my sharing has helped them along the way!

ABOUT ME, My Art & Life Journey

Like most creative people, I have always been artistic since I was quite young, it’s been my happy place all my life and it was (and still is) a place where I can lose myself for hours at a time and just work.

Professionally, I have been selling artworks for about 17 years intermittently between my career as a graphic / web designer and having a family.   I have been teaching art (primarily coloured pencils)  for around 9 years. In recent times (4 years) have also progressed to teaching Mixed Media at my local – Gosford Regional Gallery,  as well as holding many own privately run workshops at various locations here on the Central Coast, NSW.

I am also a professional graphic & web designer, SEO & marketing consultant & mumma to 2 boys 11& 13. I have always wanted to create a “business” that works for me and supports myself financially. Like most of us, I have a story, actually i have serveral of them that have been extremely difficult to overcome over the years and there were times I was sure I would make it through. One of the biggest challenges has been about removing mental blocks I have had around my value, my art and learning to trust my own judgement and adding to that letting go and trusting it will be ok and it will all flow.  I am extremely grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities that have come my way and I am still figuring out how exactly I fit into this world but I know that art and teaching are big parts of why I am here there is no much that beats seeing someone else have a aha moment and joy from something I have created or sharing a technique in their own art that they love!!

Having grown up in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, I now called the beautiful Central Coast, NSW my home.  The coast’s beautiful beaches and waterways and relaxed lifestyle is close enough to the city when I need urban life but I am truly inspired by nature’s details,  power and expanses so being able to get out into nature brings me back down to basics and the desire to capture this through art is a constant pull.

Sydney Central Coast NSW Artist, Belinda Lindhardt

My goal is to express myself & speak my truth. My mission is to always be loving and nurturing and to share so that others can benefit and hopefully helps them find their own joy in art & happiness.



Today, I am here and trying to be present day by day. I know that some people will love my work for one style or the other and some will not like my work at all. I know some days I see things in a bright light and other days those days are dark. My art is varied and not always “the same” I like to believe that this is ok cause this is me. My greatest joys and achievements have come from people who have shared with me stories that my work, teachings and sharing my journey via my blog has inspired them in someway small way, these stories touch me deeply its for those days that…

…we all have as artists when we feel that we are crap, our work is crap and why do I bother, those long hours –  those are the days I back to these stories, I think about what that can mean to people, it might only be a fleeting moment but its a moment and life is made up by so many fleeting moments holding onto the good ones that count!

So, I invite you to stick it out and stick with me by following my journey online via my blog, mailing list & social media platforms. My deepest wish is that you also can take light and dark from my art and musings and with that it can somehow touch you or someone you know in their journey. If this happens, please share that with me – I would love to know about it or just share with me your journey and continue the cycle!!!

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I would love to hear from you. 💗 💗

Multi-Disciplined Artist – Belinda Lindhardt – Central Coast NSW, Australia

Belinda Lindhardt trading as creative hardt ABN:55101087968

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