About the Artist – Belinda Lindhardt

Belinda Lindhardt – Artist Statement

Belinda Lindhardt - Artist & IllustratorI love to paint and I love to draw. My artworks are vibrant semi-abstract paintings and drawings. Creating art allows me to bring joy, be at peace and connect with myself throughout my own life journey. I am inspired by and enjoy capturing moments in time with nature, objects and people influencing our lives especially things that seem somewhat insignificant unless we stop to view them with new eyes.  When someone views my art and tells me that they have similar experiences just through viewing my art – THIS is why I must share what I create.

My art typically combines both painting and drawing disciplines using a variety of materials from pencils and ink through to paint and collage. I mix it up with a variety of supports including wood, canvas & paper with a variety of textures.

In my process, I am often inspired by colour and how colours can affect mood, emotions and state of being. I will often set the surface with phrases, words, thoughts written on the surface which can influence the many layers that come after. For my semi-abstract works, I will work quite intuitively and organically. I love to incorporate patterns and lines in this work as well as swapping through all the many materials I have on hand. For my figurative and realism styled works I will work to a more traditional method with underpaintings and lots of preliminary stages gradually evolving to the finished work.

Her Story – Bio

I am a professional artist, illustrator, designer and I have also been teaching art in my local area since 2009. Originally from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, I now call the Central Coast NSW my home. I live here solo parenting two teenage boys and juggling all the means of motherhood, womanhood and a life’s journey with a commitment to practice art mixed in.

Belinda Lindhardt trading as creative hardt ABN:55101087968