I just popped onto update my website and realised its been a good 6 months since my last blog post!!!

I have been regularly updating my newsletter but i have missed the ball over here so again I pop back in here to give you a bit of an update.
The last 6months or so I have really been in a transformation, some of that is ofcourse in relation to my art. I have often struggled over the years with the fact that I do create so many different styles / types of art. One day it’s realism, next its mixed media, next it might be abstract. I know in my exhibitions there has always been comments that it looks like my work is from many different artists. Yep! I get it. I have people tell me just to create what i want to create and the rest will come and it does but as well as that its always a bit from a business view disjointed if you never know what you are going to get. Yep! I get it.

So, I am looking at that. 🙂 Part of looking is being aware of what is happening now 🙂 So i have updated my gallery / portfolio to showcase just SOME of the paintings of past years to get a feel for myself what is happening 🙂 and ofcourse I am sharing it with you. So take a look 🙂